Josh Koscheck Looks For His Comeback Match

Josh Koscheck is not hard to find nowadays as are his upcoming fights that are much talked about.

He had signed on with Bellator, which occurred last summer. However, fights with this company are yet to come on as Koscheck has announced his intention to fight Paul Daley. It would be a rematch of their first match. Fans would certainly be excited with the prospect of seeing a rematch of a fight that had originally taken in 2010.

The event is scheduled to take place in London this summer as part of Bellator 158. Josh is looking to regain back his stature. He is looking at cutting the losses he has suffered in the last few fights. On the other hand, Paul Daley was having a winning streak over the last few fights. He is at 15-4 when he was cut off from the UFC as he delivered a sucker punch to Koscheck. Indeed, the animosity between the two fighters is what fuels the excitement about this match. There is nothing like the hatred between two fighters which urges fans to be sure to be present to watch the match.

Brandao says Jose Aldo will finish McGregor

Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Featherweight fighter Diego Brandao has predicted a stunning defeat for Conor McGregor at the hands of reigning UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo which will all but shatter his dreams of becoming world champion. Moreover, he has also offered the Irishman the chance of a rematch against him if and when the Brazilian ends his world title hopes.

The Brazilian will return to the cage this week, almost a year since his own spectacular defeat at the hands of Irishman at UFC Dublin but despite that humbling, he is up for another fight and wants to even up the scores against the Dubliner.

According to Brandao, he cannot wait for the match between Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo, adding that his compatriot will take the match and he hopes that McGregor will give him a rematch after he gets beaten. He added that McGregor has no idea how to approach a five round duel, mentioning that he was not trained when the two of them met.

But instead of making excuses, Brandao said that the world will now find out that the Irishman is not all that he says he is. He mentioned that he did not get inside his head and he just wasn’t there mentally for the fight. However, McGregor still won the fight and the Brazilian hailed his achievements and he says he has deserved his shot at the title, but everyone will find out that he is something entirely different.

Josh Koscheck suffers yet another defeat

Jake Ellenberger racked up a much needed win at UFC 184 to maintain his relevance as a top Welterweight contender by submitting former divisional top dog Josh Koscheck in the second round at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Both the fighters entered the fight on the back of a losing streak of three fights and eager to snap that unwanted streak. Koscheck, meanwhile, entered the cage for the fight for the first time in 15 months after taking a sabbatical from the sport in order to reassess his career and his goals.

And it was Koscheck who came out the more aggressive of the two landing some hard punches on the Juggernaut but that was not enough to keep Ellenberger down and pretty soon, he managed to take control of things.

Josh Koscheck was having trouble seeing with his left eye during the second round and he kept wiping it and Ellenberger sensed an opportunity there to submit him with a north-south choke, which he did brilliantly.

Josh Koscheck Will Be Fighting At UFC 184

Josh Koscheck has decided that he will fight at the UFC 184 but won’t be pitted against Neil Magny his fellow welterweight. Koscheck was originally made a target to matchup against Magny but now will be fighting against fellow veteran Jake Ellenberger.

The news was announced today by the UFC officials via The UFC 184 will take place on 28th February and the featured games for championships fights will be both women’s bantamweight division and middleweight.

The championship will be held at Staples Centre in Los Angeles and the main card will air on pay-per-view systems on FOX Sports 1 and UFC fight Pass. It is still not clear as to where the Koscheck vs. Ellenberger match will be placed on the lineup.

Josh Koscheck – Mix Martial Artist

Josh Koscheck is a professional Mixed Martial Artist from the United States of America best known for his stint with the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC where he fought as a Welterweight.

Making his debut for the promotion in the first ever season of the popular reality show The Ultimate Fighter, Kos went on to have 22 fights for the promotion between 2005 and 2014.

Koscheck began to wrestle when he was just five years old, but quit for a time after turning twelve in order to concentrate on his studies. But he resumed training in his teens and became a successful wrestler at college level. He earned four straight NCAA Division I All American titles, being placed 4th, 2nd, 1st and 3rd respectively and was also awarded the PSAC Wrestler of the Year on three occasions.

His first appearance in the UFC came as a Middleweight fighter in The Ultimate Fighter. He started off by defeating Chris Leben via a decision only to lose to Diego Sanchez in the semi finals. Since, 2006, Josh Koscheck made a significant change in his career after moving to the American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) which he credits for improving his technique as a kickboxer.

Koscheck also spent a part of 2010 coaching and grooming the up and coming fighters in The Ultimate Fighter before landing a shot at the UFC Welterweight Championship against George St. Pierre at UFC 124. The build up was hyped up mainly due to the American’s animosity towards Rush which stemmed from his loss at his hands back at UFC 74.

But Josh Koscheck failed to do any better this time around as well and suffered another defeat in what would turn out to be his last shot at the UFC Welterweight Championship and any UFC gold in his career.