Brandao says Jose Aldo will finish McGregor

Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Featherweight fighter Diego Brandao has predicted a stunning defeat for Conor McGregor at the hands of reigning UFC Featherweight champion Jose Aldo which will all but shatter his dreams of becoming world champion. Moreover, he has also offered the Irishman the chance of a rematch against him if and when the Brazilian ends his world title hopes.

The Brazilian will return to the cage this week, almost a year since his own spectacular defeat at the hands of Irishman at UFC Dublin but despite that humbling, he is up for another fight and wants to even up the scores against the Dubliner.

According to Brandao, he cannot wait for the match between Conor McGregor and Jose Aldo, adding that his compatriot will take the match and he hopes that McGregor will give him a rematch after he gets beaten. He added that McGregor has no idea how to approach a five round duel, mentioning that he was not trained when the two of them met.

But instead of making excuses, Brandao said that the world will now find out that the Irishman is not all that he says he is. He mentioned that he did not get inside his head and he just wasn’t there mentally for the fight. However, McGregor still won the fight and the Brazilian hailed his achievements and he says he has deserved his shot at the title, but everyone will find out that he is something entirely different.

Brandao said that Jose Aldo will take him down and wear him out and being bad at jiu-jitsu will just hand the advantage over to his fellow Brazilian. He added that he is really hopeful that Conor McGregor loses the match against Aldo and then decides to accept his challenge and give him a rematch.