Commission of the Boxing Nevada called by Mayweather

Mayweather has to appear before next week by the boxing regulators of Nevada. Questions have to be replied for the fight that took place with Marcos Maidana. The fight that will be questioned is concerning the gym fight where it is shown that neither fighters got a break of rest and another display which shows marijuana used in the mansion of Las Vegas.

The head of the Athletic Commission Nevada State, Francisco Aguilar is concerned about the safety of the fighters and more so their health. Television is hailed as a dramatic turn of event but clear information is better. Mayweather is showcased as promoting and cheering for his fight and accordingly whoever goes in first will be the quitter going by the old traditions of the game.

Aguilar seemed concerned as the health of the fighter is of utmost significance. Rest break is compulsory and if they do not get it, it can prove to be hurtful. If adequate rest is not given it may also happen that would lose their attention in the ring. He wants a fair play which is good for the sport as well. Proper management is required. Mayweather has to play twin roles of a fighter as well as of a promoter properly. He recently got the license for promotion of fights. There are many fighters who in the gym train at Las Vegas. Since the incident of marijuana happened at his home, questions will also be put up on that.

Though Mayweather is not seen smoking but it was shown that he indicated somebody to get rolling papers for smoke and give them to the women. The controversy is surrounding for few days now and the final action and consequence would be felt later. Comments regarding Ray Rice are also disturbing.