Josh Koscheck – No Etiquette in MMA

For the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC Welterweight fighter Josh Koscheck, there is no such thing as an etiquette for a Mixed Martial Artist, or even in the sport altogether. According to Koscheck, who has a Mixed Martial Arts record of 17-6, he doesn’t feel that there is any kind of etiquette in the sport, and admitted that he wouldn’t have followed it if there were any such thing.

Koscheck has developed a reputation for being a trash talker in recent times, very much on the lines of former No. 1 contender for the UFC Middleweight Championship Chael Sonnen; and in recent times, he has directed his foul mouthed rant towards Javier Mendez, his former trainer and coach. Koscheck lost his last fight in the promotion to Johnny Hendricks via a split decision at UFC on FOX 4 – a loss that has hugely affected his chances of getting a shot at the UFC Welterweight Championship currently held by Georges St. Pierre.

Speaking about etiquettes and Mixed Martial Arts, Josh Koscheck stated that he is fighter and when he sets foot inside that UFC Octagon, it is all about business. He went on to add that at that time, more than pride and prestige, it is his life and his livelihood on the line – and stated that he will be an absolute jerk about it. He mentioned that he doesn’t like anybody he fights, doesn’t have any respect for them, doesn’t care about them and does not want to have anything to do with them.

Josh Koscheck was slated to take on Jake Ellenberger at UFC 151 on the 1st of September and a victory in that match would have put him back on the map for a shot at the title. However, an injury has forced him to withdraw, pushing him further down the pecking order.