Koscheck back out

UFC Welterweight divison fighter Josh Koscheck recently made an appearance at MMA. There he made some controversy when he said that UFC and Dana white had approached him for calling out retirement.

Where former two-divison champion BJ Penn accepted a chance to fight him and come out from retirement. He explained that in very simple way UFC come and said that they will bring back a retire figher into the ring. And the fighter will face him for taking this fight as his comes back fighting.

After a controversy Penn refused to fight cause UFC is taking this match as pay per view event. Which will have to use in UFC 146. Koscheck said that he has a very good relation with Penn. But when he comes into the ring that time he enjoys the game. So when UFC will approach to him he will consider the proposal. But as a fighter the fight between Josh Koscheck and Bj Penn will have a memorable fight. But unfortunately Penn is not agreeing to take the proposal. Josh Koscheck also mentioned for the match he was prepared and endorsing the game through twitter for boosting up himself to be fit with the former UFC Welterweight Champion.

Although the attempts of the UFC to pit BJ Penn against Josh Koscheck failed to materialize, he has decided to come out of retirement to take on the young Canadian Rory MacDonald and victory against him would send a warning signal to Georges St Pierre. There is no animosity between them at all but big fights always inspired him and so if UFC could materialize the event he could do better result and UFC became achiever for implementing their plan.

Josh Koscheck ultimate fighter always is ready to fight and face ring. That is why he was eagerly waiting to get Penn as his opponent.