Former welterweight world title challenger Josh Koscheck is considering his future at the UFC having lost for five consecutive times, and the second time in three weeks.

After his last defeat, the 37-year old didn’t state if he would be retiring anytime soon.

“I can’t make that decision right now, I’ll go home and talk to the old lady, and we’ll see what happens,” he said after the match.

Koscheck, who owns a thriving business says he has other things he can do besides contesting week in week out in the UFC. However, he wants to take time out to consider what’s next for him.

“I do have a lot of stuff going on outside the UFC, I’m pretty busy when it comes to other businesses and things, so I think I will take right time and make the decision when it comes,” he said.

Before fighting Jake Ellenberger at the February edition of UFC 128, Koscheck was out of the UFC Arena for nearly a year and a half. However, despite losing the fight against Ellenberger by submission he made the decision to fight Eric Silva on Saturday in what he considers an impromptu match.

Koscheck, despite losing to Silver said he would honor more short notice fights if the opportunity presented itself, but then, UFC president has stated clearly that he would not ask Koscheck to do that.

Although the fighter may not have made up his minds about retirement, Dana did issue a comment about it saying he could convince Koscheck to retire. This is coming just as the UFC made it clear that he is not a fan of Koscheck.

However, despite his woes, Koscheck shouldn’t be written off as he could bounce back from his poor run of form and become the worthy champion that he is.