Javier Mendez and Josh Koscheck may have broken up from the American Kickboxing Academy recently but no one thought that this break up would turn as ugly as it has over the course of the events in recent times, particularly now that Brian Ebersole has jumped into the scheme of things. Ebersole, who has always been one to speak his heart out without bothering what others think of it and such other stuff, Ebersole has blasted Koscheck over his disrespectful treatment of Mendez, which he labeled as arrogance on part of Koscheck.

But the fact of the matter is, Ebersole is just conveying to the world what most people involved with the running and functioning of Mixed Martial Arts as a whole are saying, except for Josh Koscheck. This wasn’t the happy ending that Koscheck wanted or would have hoped for and all the blame is falling solely on his shoulders.

Ebersole blasted Koscheck for saying that although he was trained by Mendez, he did not learn a thing from him, saying that he travelled the world and trained in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and even from the blue belts; he still managed to learn many things. Ebersole also did not hide the fact that he was yet to receive his gratitude from Koscheck for booking his first fight and called him various names alone, citing the fact that he was not the only person in the world who thought of Koscheck as that.

Ebersole further added that he wasn’t surprised that Mendez and Koscheck has clashed due to the fact that Koscheck cannot take criticism and being a former World Champion, Mendez could criticize him from time to time and any good fighter would take that in his stride and learn from it but Josh Koscheck thought it better to leave the AKA.