Josh Koscheck responds to Tito Ortiz’s feedback he produced on Rogers Sportsnet’s MMA Related.
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  1. SirMicDre says:

    Tito is the master of Grounding Jenna’s pussy and pounding it…if that is what yall mean by ground and pound.

  2. RaVVsee says:

    @Wiggley95 lol ok like josh said whens the last time tito won a fight? if hes such a master at ground and pound idiot lol. and mark is a thousand times better than tito anyway….ur turn

  3. Wiggley95 says:

    @RaVVsee hahaha yor funny NOT…Mark Coleman man Sucksss with a capital S!

  4. RaVVsee says:

    @Wiggley95 mark colmen is the master at ground n pound lol

  5. conner1ize says:

    @Wiggley95 you obviously have no idea what your talking about jon jones is the GnP master but then again …you dont know shit =]

  6. Wiggley95 says:

    @conner1ize titos the master of ground n pound

  7. Wiggley95 says:

    @Wiggley95 tito is the master of ground n pound so get your factz straight

  8. Robespierr says:

    if they fight one day I want a 3 rounds war with cuts, groin strikes, eye pokes, knock down and a double KO at 4:59 in the last round to declare this fight a no contest

  9. conner1ize says:

    @Wiggley95 tito got no GnP, striking, grappling or wrestling, cant win a fight unless its luck or fighting an old man

  10. Wiggley95 says:


  11. moonerjamerson says:

    Shamrock —-> Ortiz ——-> and very soon Koscheck will be the laughing stock of MMA. Too bad because Koscheck is actually funny, but when he becomes washed up, then his jokes will have no value.

  12. Markag211 says:

    tito sucks and so does koscheck.. gsp anderson silva are the only ones who can run there mouth and talk shit.. but they never do talk shit cuz thats how good they are and never have to talk shit cuz their ass beatings does it for them

  13. Helldog6 says:

    @conner1ize weather that is true or not, there is no way Josh Koshcheck is knocking him out, nor is the any way in hell he’s taking tito down… while KOS’s wrestling credintials are much higher than titos, the size really does make all the differences… Tito could take KOS down on size alone… and titos GnP is amazing… not as good as it used to be, but definitely enough to take out someone who is about weaker, shorter, and weighs about 40 pounds lighter… and lol nice…

  14. conner1ize says:

    @Helldog6 just saying,tito’s all talk with a sloppy ground n pound, noooooo game. and for the record im smoking sour diesel and grape kush.. YAY FOR MEDICAL MARIJUANA

  15. Helldog6 says:

    @conner1ize lol, umm whatever your smoking… I want some…

  16. conner1ize says:

    koshcheck may not ever get the gold but he would certainly fuck tito up

  17. RompYa says:

    joshchecks mouth needs some soap, fucker cannot stop talking, hope GSP jabbed his senses so this clown can stop talking shit

  18. crzysexy22 says:

    @weepaul666 yeah true. He said he’s around 192-196 normally, personally I think he’d be best staying at welterweight.

  19. weepaul666 says:

    @crzysexy22 yeah but thats his walking around weight. he was that weight on the show because that was the weight class they happened to do at the time. even florian was 185 on the show, who fights at 155. every other fighter at middleweight walks around over 200 pounds. they’d be much bigger than kos

  20. weepaul666 says:

    Tito is like a giant compared to Koscheck. Tito would kick his ass

  21. MrCotter22 says:

    @ftse1 yeah i agree… he wont beat lil nog and i heard dana say its his last chance.. although dana has said in the past that tito will never be back and hes still here.. but yes i agree,, i think little nog will end titos ufc years

  22. ftse1 says:

    @MrCotter22 that fight probably wont happen unless tito manages a win over little Nog since dana has said its tito’s last chance

  23. MrCotter22 says:

    i hate koscheck with a passion but u cant say hes a shit fighter or try and down talk his fighting in any way really… he has like the 4th or 5th most wins in ufc… its just sad that its gone to his head… and speaking of his head,,,,,,,, dude change ur hair and fix ur eyebrows coz u are 1 UGLY motherf*****… having said that though,,,, kos and tito at catchweight would be good coz tito isnt in form but hes a lot bigger..

  24. jawsh38 says:

    @xxTRUTHxx1 I heard Joe Rogan that he was to cut alot of weight and 15 lbs doesn’t seem like that much

  25. xxTRUTHxx1 says:

    @jawsh38 i think forrest cuts fat down to 220 lbs a few weeks before the fight then cuts 15 lbs of water. not 40 lbs