Josh Koscheck suffers yet another defeat

Jake Ellenberger racked up a much needed win at UFC 184 to maintain his relevance as a top Welterweight contender by submitting former divisional top dog Josh Koscheck in the second round at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

Both the fighters entered the fight on the back of a losing streak of three fights and eager to snap that unwanted streak. Koscheck, meanwhile, entered the cage for the fight for the first time in 15 months after taking a sabbatical from the sport in order to reassess his career and his goals.

And it was Koscheck who came out the more aggressive of the two landing some hard punches on the Juggernaut but that was not enough to keep Ellenberger down and pretty soon, he managed to take control of things.

Josh Koscheck was having trouble seeing with his left eye during the second round and he kept wiping it and Ellenberger sensed an opportunity there to submit him with a north-south choke, which he did brilliantly.

Josh Koscheck Will Be Fighting At UFC 184

Josh Koscheck has decided that he will fight at the UFC 184 but won’t be pitted against Neil Magny his fellow welterweight. Koscheck was originally made a target to matchup against Magny but now will be fighting against fellow veteran Jake Ellenberger.

The news was announced today by the UFC officials via The UFC 184 will take place on 28th February and the featured games for championships fights will be both women’s bantamweight division and middleweight.

The championship will be held at Staples Centre in Los Angeles and the main card will air on pay-per-view systems on FOX Sports 1 and UFC fight Pass. It is still not clear as to where the Koscheck vs. Ellenberger match will be placed on the lineup.

Josh Koscheck – Mix Martial Artist

Josh Koscheck is a professional Mixed Martial Artist from the United States of America best known for his stint with the Ultimate Fighting Championship or the UFC where he fought as a Welterweight.

Making his debut for the promotion in the first ever season of the popular reality show The Ultimate Fighter, Kos went on to have 22 fights for the promotion between 2005 and 2014.

Koscheck began to wrestle when he was just five years old, but quit for a time after turning twelve in order to concentrate on his studies. But he resumed training in his teens and became a successful wrestler at college level. He earned four straight NCAA Division I All American titles, being placed 4th, 2nd, 1st and 3rd respectively and was also awarded the PSAC Wrestler of the Year on three occasions.

His first appearance in the UFC came as a Middleweight fighter in The Ultimate Fighter. He started off by defeating Chris Leben via a decision only to lose to Diego Sanchez in the semi finals. Since, 2006, Josh Koscheck made a significant change in his career after moving to the American Kickboxing Academy (AKA) which he credits for improving his technique as a kickboxer.

Koscheck also spent a part of 2010 coaching and grooming the up and coming fighters in The Ultimate Fighter before landing a shot at the UFC Welterweight Championship against George St. Pierre at UFC 124. The build up was hyped up mainly due to the American’s animosity towards Rush which stemmed from his loss at his hands back at UFC 74.

But Josh Koscheck failed to do any better this time around as well and suffered another defeat in what would turn out to be his last shot at the UFC Welterweight Championship and any UFC gold in his career.

Commission of the Boxing Nevada called by Mayweather

Mayweather has to appear before next week by the boxing regulators of Nevada. Questions have to be replied for the fight that took place with Marcos Maidana. The fight that will be questioned is concerning the gym fight where it is shown that neither fighters got a break of rest and another display which shows marijuana used in the mansion of Las Vegas.

The head of the Athletic Commission Nevada State, Francisco Aguilar is concerned about the safety of the fighters and more so their health. Television is hailed as a dramatic turn of event but clear information is better. Mayweather is showcased as promoting and cheering for his fight and accordingly whoever goes in first will be the quitter going by the old traditions of the game.

Aguilar seemed concerned as the health of the fighter is of utmost significance. Rest break is compulsory and if they do not get it, it can prove to be hurtful. If adequate rest is not given it may also happen that would lose their attention in the ring. He wants a fair play which is good for the sport as well. Proper management is required. Mayweather has to play twin roles of a fighter as well as of a promoter properly. He recently got the license for promotion of fights. There are many fighters who in the gym train at Las Vegas. Since the incident of marijuana happened at his home, questions will also be put up on that.

Though Mayweather is not seen smoking but it was shown that he indicated somebody to get rolling papers for smoke and give them to the women. The controversy is surrounding for few days now and the final action and consequence would be felt later. Comments regarding Ray Rice are also disturbing.

Michael Bisping counting on his experience for success

The 35 year old British war horse Michael Bisping is ready to turn on the heat in his upcoming matches. The Count is in great shape after the last match whoich he lost narrowly. He is putting in a lot of extra effort to prove his might since his last match up. He has been involved in a lot of brawls lately which has harmed his reputation. But this has not affected the mental condition of the fighter.

Michael Bisping is known for his tough mentality and a great fighting spirit. He was born in Cyprus and later moved to Lancashire in England. He has been trained in Boxing, jiu jutsu and karate since his childhood. Allan Clarkin has been responsible for his training in karate as well. H eburs into the scene in 2004 and became a force to reckon with in the light heavyweight category. However he moved down to the middleweight category as we was considered fit for this part of the fight. Since then his career has witnessed a lot of ups and downs but he has been true to his job. The commitment level of the fighter is admirable. The crowd favorite is ready to prove his worth in the recent match up. Luke Rockhold will be his opponent on 8th November. This will be held in Sydney and both the fighters are expected to put in their best efforts. Michael Bisping holds a slight edge over his opponent owing to his huge experience and his last few results which were mostly successful. Recently, there was a public fall out between the two athletes but it greater danger was avoided due to the intervention of the securities. Although they hit the headlines due to the wrong reason it is a matter of time before it is redeemed.

I Feel I Am Unique Like The US President: Hopkins

World renowned wrestler Bernard Hopkins, during his recent interview has said that he is as unique as American president Barrack Obama.

In 1995, Bernard Hopkins shocked the world as he had a stunning debut with noted fighter Segundo. It was the middleweight fight of IBF.

During his career till 2005, Bernard has won a total of 20 titles and stopped a number major contenders.

According to the recent developments of the bout world, experts believe that Bernard now is looking for a clash against the challengers of the WBC championship.

“I want to change the history of this game. There is no such game apart from fighting where you can put a guy like me.. I have lots of headaches and problems similar to US president Barrack Obama,” laughs Bernard Hopkins, who has just 49.

Comparing himself with Obama, Hopkins said that as after a long period of time in the history of USA, a black person emerged as a president of the country, similarly another fighter to have won 20 titles in the heavyweight categories is difficult to find after Bernard Hopkins, say the experts.

Shocking the bout world, Hopkins defeated Jean Pascal in a WBC match at the age of 46. It is really an achievement for a sportsman having won title at the 40s.

“My ultimate goal is to win matches in the coming years. I want to celebrate when I win another major title in the WBC after reaching 50,” said Hopkins while declaring his future goals.

Now it is to see whether his plans come true and as per his records he continues to break records and creates a new history as a world renowned fighter.

“I definitely want to stack my cards high,” says Hopkins

Urijah Faber Wishes To Confront Dominick Cruz in July at UFC 175

On Wednesday the UFC declared that the UFC 175 will be organized on 5th of July, Saturday, as a part of the International Fight Week, which is most likely to include both the TUF 19 Finale and UFC Fan Expo.

While no fights as such has been announced for the time being, for the upcoming July, pay per view card, nevertheless one player on the list, who seems all ready to start a campaign for fighting. It has been reported to a popular television channel that Urijah Faber is all set and is really looking forward to confront Dominic Cruz, his bitter rival during the event. Nevertheless Dominic’s manager has confirmed that the “Dominator” isn’t fit enough to face off Faber during the set timeframe. He had undergone a groin injury which is still under recovery. However it would have been absolutely great if Cruz could be fit enough to face his arch enemy in the ring.

Faber right now is the first ranked martial arts fighter in bantamweight division, where as the Dominator is a 4 time WEC and UFC undefeated champion. Right now sitting in the 9th position and 135 lbs weight bracket, a faceoff with Faber, would have been the perfect opportunity for Cruz to get back to the top.

Before this event, the two ace fighters Faber and Cruz have faced off each other twice with both of them bagging a win each. Before Chael Sonnen-Wanderlei Silva and Miesha Tate-Ronda Rousey came into picture, Faber and Cruz were regarded as one of the most staunch rivals in the field by the supporters. If somehow they get to face off against each other during the July UFC 175, that will be the main reason why the stands of Mandalay Bay Events Center.

Josh Koscheck eager to see out UFC contract

Ultimate Fighting Championship or UFC Welterweight Josh Koscheck has two more fights left on his current contract with the UFC and he has every intention of seeing out his contract.

The veteran Welterweight has not stepped inside the UFC Octagon since his first round knockout defeat at the hands of Tyron Woodley at UFC 167. This was the veteran’s second straight loss via knockout in the first round and his third defeat on the bounce and there were question marks regarding his future in the UFC in the immediate aftermath of the match.

After the match, Koscheck sent a long text message to Dana White, the UFC president and speaking of that text message, White had stated that Koscheck had indeed sent him a message and the message a lot like retirement for him.

Josh Koscheck hasn’t been seen in public or spoken out since that loss and the text controversy but he recently gave an interview to an online publication where he made it clear that no matter what the text message might have sounded like to White, he will not be retiring.

In fact, the 36 year old is already planning his next fight in the promotion and he mentioned that he has every intention of honoring his contract and seeing it out. He said that he is obligated to have two more fights with the UFC and he will do that.

This is the first time that Koscheck is on such an extended losing streak. Having lost to Johnny Hendricks and Robbie Lawler, it was the first time that Josh Koscheck had lost two matches in a row and the defeat to Woodley further extended that run. Now, he is looking to hit the gym again and get back in shape before getting back inside the Octagon.