The newest entry to the UFC welter weight division is this brand new sensation Josh Koscheck. His career started with the TV show of the first season of the UFC.

He won considerable appreciation with his first win in his debut match but was stopped in the very next by the shameful defeat against Diego Sanchez. His career had a shaky start and since then has been victim to much topsy-turvy.

But his overall performance has been remarkably good as he has managed to win 16 matches out of the 21 he has played in total.  DCAA division has ranked him number one in four consecutive years. While he has already banged the PSAC wrestler of the year award thrice. MMA as well Sher dog the world renowned magazines have ranked him among the top ten wrestlers. Also, the Eastern Wresting League Achievement was handed to him twice owing to his dynamism and unbeatable spirit. In such a short span he had made a well defined place for his booming career.

The boxing circuit has great expectations from this newcomer who makes full use of the Jiu Jitsu, Kick boxing and orthodox wrestling techniques to leave a permanent impression on his fan following. The recent music video by Chevelle has featured him raising his fan craze.

Reports confirm that he is all set to fight his next target on the UFC schedule Mike Pierce. But this will not be like any other match for him. He truly has to brush up his skills and master all the moves to the best of his ability if he intends to defeat this stalwart of boxing, who has maintained his position over the years. The boxing circuit is indeed keen to watch his performance in the forth coming matches.