Why Josh Koscheck Fights After So Many Injuries?

If there is one action that Josh Koscheck would want to make clear, then it is that, that he is not in need to do this.

In fact, it is a bad idea. Koscheck is now 39 years old and he started wrestling from the age of 4.

Presently, the neck of this Koscheck is so bad that it is getting injured in between over the time.

And if someone thinks, this is an exaggeration, and then it is not. In the year 2001, Koscheck went through the surgery, which involved fusing his fifth and sixth cervical vertebrae, and this was the time when he didn’t even start his career as a fighter. And recently he suffered the problem of bulging discs both below and above the site of the surgery, and this has left him with painful nerve damage. Because of this problem, he has become incapable of using his left arm.

And after just two and half years of the fight, which happened in the UFC, he is preparing to go into the cage once again and he is preparing to fight against Mauricio Alonso on Friday at Bellator 172.

The question here is why he is doing this?

In an interview, when Koscheck was asked this question, he cleared it instantly, that no it is not for the money. Koscheck made it clear that he does not need.

He said, “When I am fighting, I am not making money, but it is like I am taking money out of my pocket. Koscheck fights on the Spike-televised main card in San Jose at SAP Center.

So, the question is what is making him to fight in ring despite having these numbers of serious injuries. On this he has a simple answer that, it’s been long enough that he is separated from the sport and feeling the force.